November 17

Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance System May Soon Be Faced Out

Due to the inefficiency and the obsolete nature of the no-fault insurance system in Florida, many lawmakers are already calling for its abolition. Despite all these, medical practitioners and other healthcare groups are refusing to support the motion. Besides, any auto insurance policy in Florida must be accompanied by personal injury protection (PIP) benefits which.

November 16

Thanksgiving Travel And Cargo Carriers

Thanksgiving Travel It is quite obvious and popularly known that Americans usually travel in Thanksgiving holidays in tens of millions. While a significant percentage of that is known to travel by air, a far larger percentage of Americans travel by land. And an accurate statistics presented by the American Automobile Association clearly support that theory..

November 10

What You Need To Know About Florida’s Recreational Use Statute

In the event that you suffer an injury on another person’s property due to a defective fitting or a hazard on the property, you have the option to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property seeking compensation for your injuries. Landowners are obligated to show a duty of care to the.

November 9

Court Declares Summary Statement Inappropriate To Withdraw Plaintiff’s Case Over A Fallen Tree

Just recently, a woman who was accidentally injured by a fallen tree right where she lived in an apartment complex presented a premises liability lawsuit that was consequentially upheld by an appellate court in Florida. Ultimately, the court issued a written opinion for the case which granted it the opportunity to determine the sufficiency of.

November 3

Someone Is Responsible For Your Trip And Fall Accident

What really causes trip and fall accidents? They are usually caused by surfaces that are slippery, not smooth or simply uneven. Trip and fall accidents are also caused when there is an unexpected object in the walking path. The victim trips on the object and falls. The most common causes of trip and fall accidents.

November 1

Wrongful Deaths Involved With Rehabilitation Center At Hollywood Hills

When our loved ones are placed into a nursing home, complete trust is given to the embodying organization responsible for their well-being. Unfortunately, there are occasions where incidents do occur that result in the passing of residents. At least eight people have already been reported as deceased and several others injured at a prominent rehabilitation.

October 30

Personal Injury Attorney And Taser Deaths/Injury

It was an incident too many when Israel Hernandez, an 18-year-old graffiti artist, was pronounced dead just a few minutes after he was a victim of a taser weapon. The teenager had been spraying the windows of a truck when he was spotted by the police who began to pursue him. He was pursued for.

October 27

Florida Statutes And Personal Injury Caused By Negligent Employees

A company can be held liable if any of their employees caused an injury to somebody in the act of carrying out their duties. In Latin, this legal doctrine is termed ‘Respondeat superior’. This translates to ‘Let the master answer’; in other words, a third party can be held responsible for the actions of their.

October 25

Why Is The U. S. Senate Promoting Self-Driving Tech?

Recent action by a United States Senate has produced a storm of reaction from self-driving vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, labor unions, and safety advocates. The bill that has been constructed but not passed impacts the future actions of any personal injury attorney in Florida. The only know death involving a self driving vehicle occurred in.

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