September 19

Appellate Court Rules That Condominium Association Is Not A Landowner

The liability lawsuits of Florida premises usually depends on the relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff. This is because whatever duty is owed to a plaintiff by a landlord is dependent on the relationship between the reason why the plaintiff is on the property of the defendants and the parties involved. A recent decision.

September 18

How Causation Can Be Established After A South Florida Car Accident

Before any plaintiff can be able to fully recover financially from a car accident in South Florida, it is important to understand that there are several elements that must be established. Causation is one of the key elements that should be considered. In order to effectively prove that the conduct of the defendant was the.

September 15

When Can An Injured Employee Seek Compensation Through A Workplace Injury Lawsuit?

All professions have unique occupational hazards, but some professionals tend to be more hazardous than others. It is not difficult for you to find people making complaints about injuries they sustained in a manufacturing or construction site. However, workers in corporate offices may also become victims of a workplace hazard. If you find yourself in.

August 25

Evidence Of Similar Incidents Relating To An Alleged Defect Can Be Used In Some Product Liability Lawsuits

Very often, people who sustain injuries from the use of a poorly designed or carelessly manufactured product demand compensation for their injuries from the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. The plaintiff here does not need to prove that the defendant was careless and failed to consider the health and safety of the consumer. These products liability.

August 23

Medical Malpractice: Is Informed Consent An Issue In Florida

Everyone knows that before any doctor is able to operate or provide any type of non-emergency medical procedure, they must have your written permission. This is called informed consent. A problem can arise, however as healthcare laws have been revamped over the last 8 plus years, many Florida courts have held medical personal to an.

August 21

Sports Injury Compensation In Florida; Who Should Be Responsible?

As an athlete, injuries are unavoidable whether you are a professional or you just play for a school. It may be minor injuries such as muscle sprains or serious injuries. However, how does an athlete get compensation in such situation? Often, the organizers of the event may compensate athletes who sustain serious injuries during sports.

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